Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A hearty elation sets in
At the sight
Of a closing sunset
That shines like the glaze
Of a live-pyre
Across the river.

I am thrilled all over
By the cool breath
Of a clear and present ecstasy,
Never felt before.

I am hardly curious
And never nervous
About the temporary flickers
Of a cluster of glow-worms
Intermittently winking
Around the village cemetery.

No more I scream
At the sight of a coffin
Full of unshed tears
And abstract remains
Of my premature dreams
Awaiting a quite burial.

Through the smoke-curtain
Of a leafless autumn twilight
I distinctly visualize
In the remote sky
An orphaned-star
Pining for the warmth
And security
Of a mother’s womb.

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