Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Disjointed Kite

Spring winks from the icy-blanket
Of a long slumber,
Mildly tickling
The benumbed roots
Of a budding red-rose.

Eternal mirth seems to peep out
From an elegantly packed
Chocolate box.

From the deserted grove
The Nightingale
Echoes a happy note
For a one-time change.

The brook murmurs.
The mountain breeze hisses.
And all species
Vegetative and winged
Seem to smile and flutter,
Whisper and gesture in the language
Of a virgin love-letter.

I could definitely hear
Everyone, trivial and profound
Announce in a language
Loud and clear,
That on this Valentine Day
“Love is in the air”
And I thought
I should ground it.

Fool that I was!
I grounded it and Love nosedived
Like a disjointed kite
On the blades
Of a thorny shrub
Grown on a rocky land.

1 comment:

  1. your poem starts beautifully describing the scene from when spring starts to awaken from the winters and towards the end, it throws a twist which turns into a pining of a lover and the analogy between the lover and the kite was quite heart rendering.