Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The roots below

The sequence of my life past and present

Forgot to draw water.

I have gone static

On deep seas

During high tides;

The winds from

All directions refused to blow

To lift my sullen sail.

I am rendered forlorn

In what seemed an alien planet

Of densely littered

Autumn leaves.

My soulful eyes

Leaden and moist

Cannot connect

My earth with your sky.

An untimely dirge

Sung on a wrong scale

Of an unseen string

Is music to my ears.

It’s then,

Your assuring

And re-assuring countenance

Surfaces and re-surfaces,

With an irresistible buoyancy

Of rows of roses,

In a consummate fruition

In a valley of flowers.

And it’s then

Once again that

Your healing touch

Charges my life-line

With a refreshing fragrance,

Connecting my

Present with the future.