Monday, January 17, 2011

Tonic - Touch

When I gaze
In an uneasy anticipation
At your face from the terrace,
All that I see
Is a pair of wide open eyes
Following me against
The blue background of the sky.

In a moment’s time
Your eyes gain
A benign dimension
And encompass me
With an ease,
And lift my agony
As if it were a quill.

Your words,
As sweet as you are,
Embalm my bruised frame
And fiery spirit in no time.

Your tonic-touch
Served with the compassion
Of a lovely angle
Holds my injured being
With the intimacy
Of a divine fragrance
That clings to the flowers of the valley.

From a pair of exclusive eyes
Your healing vision
Clasps my soul
With the softness
Of a summer drizzle
On fine desert-sands.

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