Monday, January 17, 2011

Entomb the Silence

Out of a heap of cold ashes
Of a dead volcano
I wish I could
Ignite you
And get myself overwhelmed
By the lava of your stifled desire
That you cherished by
A deliberate discipline.

I wish I could
Replace the half- spoken
Meticulously pronounced
Through your measured lips,
In an eloquence
Never heard before.

I wish I could
Help you bloom out
Of the layers of the tiny bud
Into an open-eyed
Sunflower of a prolonged noon.

I wish I could
Caress you out of
Your icy-midriff
And flow with your
Tide into the seas.

I wish I could
Tickle you out
Of the long-pregnant pause
That shapes
Your earthy incarnation.

I wish I could
Entomb your silence
At my backyard
And engrave the epitaph;
“Here lies her silence
Never to be resurrected”.

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